Welcome To M2N ZenDesk Support!

If you have made it to this page then you already know we have teamed up with ZenDesk to provide better and faster support! Now you can email, text, or call us any day, any time and the best team member to answer your question will get back to you as soon as possible.

Email: support@m2nikn.com

Call/Text: (619) 393-5949

A Message From Our Founder, Natasha Mini:

"Hello and welcome to our new ZenDesk support platform! I'm beyond excited to announce the implementation of ZenDesk in order to not only reply to your questions faster, but also to guide them to the best M2N team member suited to respond. I'm constantly working to evolve M2N to be more efficient, effective, and user friendly for our clients. I understand at times there can be frustration, but please know we care deeply about your experience and will always try to improve.

If you have any direct feedback for me, please email nmini@m2nikn.com or I can be reached at (619) 708-3468 by call or text. 

Thank you for being a part of my organization and I look forward to continuing to grow with you, your friends, and your family."

Best Wishes,


Natasha Mini
M2 Νίκη LLC
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